09 February 2009

This photo is important...

There are many reasons this photo, from the Library of Congress is so important.

1. As many of the commenters point out, not much has ever been said about black women working as "Rosie the Riveter" during the war (and, hey, it's Black History Month, so that's important reason number one).

2. As part of the LOC's commons photoset, this photo is open to tagging from the general public. Turns out, this one has over 70 tags, making it one of 15 that have approached or exceeded Flickr's 75 tag limit.

3. Perhaps because of the subject matter, this is a popular photo. At the time of this entry, it had been made a favourite by 444 Flickr users and had been viewed 64,472 times -- that's several thousand more than the total views on all 7900 items in my photostream.

There's a lot to love about this photo. It's composition is artistic -- it is as beautiful as any Renaissance portrait -- and it's subject matter fascinating -- a brief moment in American History when true equality seemed attainable.

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