18 February 2009

Planning for the unknown

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This week is Reading Break on campus so there's few people milling about, even with the bright sunny days we've been having this week. It's going to be a real shock to go from this -- the photo is of the outdoor seating for the Bibliocafe, the coffee shop in the front part of the Library where I work -- to Vegas tomorrow.

We've been getting ready all week but I still have a list of stuff I need to gather and pack plus things to double check, plus a list of things to do before we go (e.g. leave instructions for those looking after the cat, set the pvr to record our shows, etc.... ).

I'm nervous, too, because this will be Kiddo's first flight, and my first time through an American airport since the late 1990s. Oh, and I remembered this morning that I have steel plates in my ankle.

I'm also not sure exactly what to expect out of this trip but I do hope to have fun. I am trying not to over-plan, but to have an idea of what we want to see and do, knowing that likely we won't get to everything. (This is a contrast to arriving in Florence, Italy without any idea of what to do or see. Truly ridiculous in hindsight but I was not even 20 so I didn't know any better.) Now that I think of it, that's the real difference. This is the first "new city" to which I've traveled in a long time (the trip up Island last summer, while lovely, was in familiar territory) -- perhaps this can start a trend.


Ted Godwin said...

Have a great trip!

Hope you don't need a Dr's note for the ankle plates.

Star said...

I think I mentioned brfore, but we enjoyed just visitig the different casinos and seeing all the different themes. Kiddo might especially enjoy the Alladin. Have fun.