29 April 2008

One of those days....

Today has been... one of those days. Nothing major wrong, just a bucketful of little annoyances and my head isn't in the right space to deal with them.

Anyway, I have been listening to the most wonderful mashup that fixed my mood: it's called Haunted Bela and it mixes the narration from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland with Bauhaus's "Bela Lugosi's Dead."

There's a link to the song and more info at BoingBoing (the original link which is crossed through seems to be the live one, not the mirror).

27 April 2008

Mike's Big Four-OhhhhhhhhhYeah!

As the title implies, yesterday was Hubby's 40th. The morning started with gift-giving -- he finally got something he'd wanted for a long time:


Yep, robotic LEGO -- the foundation for his robot army.

For lunch, with family, we went to Don Mee's for dim sum (mmMMMmmm).

The big deal for the evening, though, was the pub-crawl and related merry-making. It was a challenge to figure out how it was going to play out -- apparently aging gen-xers don't really have anywhere to party in Victoria...

Just before we went out, Hubby received a birthday wish by video which has now, happily, been posted on YouTube for the world to see:

That put us in a pretty good mood as we walked to the first stop -- The Tudor House in Esquimalt. From there, the party moved to Bartholomew's where we were actually the youngest crowd in the house. After that, we wanted to see what had become of Hubby's beloved former hangout, the Old Bailey, which had been re-modeled into Smiths. It was kind of eurotrashy, but it served its purpose.

After that, we had some great debate about where to go. Several people headed for home but Hubby and I wanted to find somewhere with a dance floor. After a few attempts, we ended up at Hush (formerly Rumors) on Government street. It was a $9 cover and featured some of the lamest DJs I've ever suffered through. Honestly, the music was fine, but they had no control over the floor -- the music kept crashing into itself or slowing to a beat that ended up clearing the floor. Really, really lame. Sigh. We stayed about an hour, and just after midnight called it a night... but a good night.

24 April 2008


So, Hubby offered me some castoff shirts:


...and after a little thought, I decided I needed a new bag.... and in a little over half an hour...


...I had a nifty new bag for small knitting projects on-the-go:


Now I can keep some CuppaJoe Cozy supplies at work and knit at coffee breaks or cart it back and forth on the bus. The best part about this bag is that I can use the button holes on the handle to keep the yarn tangle-free. WoOO!

23 April 2008

Ha! This is the way you stop terrorists and tyrants...

... deny them their weapons.

Basically, a shipload of weapons and/or amunition was on its way from China to Zimbabwe but because the goods had to get to the land-locked country through a port, dockworkers in several coutries refused to unload the shipment. Awesome.

The ship will likely return to China where officials regard it simply as a "transaction" and are not commenting on the political issues.

[I heard this on the CBC this morning, but couldn't find a story on their site, so here is more information from Thaindian News.]

22 April 2008

Earth Day Mosaic: Grass Takes Root

It's Earth Day today, so I thought I would make a mosaic showing grass taking back whatever space it can find between cracks in rocks and pavement. As usual, I have the Talking Heads' "Nothing but Flowers" going through my head.

In the meantime, have you had your free Starbucks coffee today?

May Samplers are On Sale!

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Remember a couple of weeks back when I was furiously working on Sampler contributions? Well, the May Sampler, in which my contributions will appear, is now on sale at The Sampler.

This morning, I checked in and my shop was featured on the front page -- wOO! Now I am checking and double-checking my websites to ensure everything is in working order... and I am also going to add some special offers over at my Etsy store for Sampler shoppers starting next week (after the Sampler ships)... stay tuned!

19 April 2008

Weekend projects....

Before I get into details, I have to note that it SNOWED here today. (Hubby thinks that God may actually be unimpressed by the false idol under construction on our deck... heh heh.) We didn't get any accumulation in our neighbourhood but parts of the region did -- and Nanaimo got an incredible 24 centimetres (that's close to a foot for those of you south of the border).

But enough about the crazy/stupid/record-breaking weather.

We've been busy this weekend... Hubby with his soft-launch of PrefabSite.Net (wOOO!) and me, crafting, as usual... some new Huggitz critters (made from a reclaimed scarf) and four new CuppaJoe Cozies -- I got an order for four of the same so I made them fresh to make sure they matched.



Friday, I took the van in for some minor service (and I continue to be very happy with the service at Searle's Automotive), went out for breakfast while we waited, then indulged in some consumer therapy -- Mayfair Mall, Michael's, and Value Village -- before returning home to do laundry and cleaning and such.

So far, it's been one of those weekends that feels at once full and also relaxed... the kind that is impossible to create if you are actually trying. And I have another day left. Ahhhh!

18 April 2008

What the hail? (1)

What the hail? (1)
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Weird weather today.... specifically hail. In April. In Victoria.

What next?

15 April 2008

A little art and a breath of fresh air....

There are two things almost guaranteed to put me in a happier frame of mind:

1. a self-directed wander, preferably with camera in hand and without a time limit
2. finding new art/artists
Today, I did both.

This morning, I got in a brief self-directed wander through Finnerty Gardens, as usual. The air was very cold and the skies were grey, but it wasn't raining so I did get some nice photos:

burst_of_red magnolia2

As for art, I took a few moments to look at some Paintings by Elephants (yes, real elephants) as well as photos of the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. The winning quilt is stunning -- it looks like a painting:

I've also recently been enjoying the work of Chinese photographer Wang Qingsong (whose view of his changing country is reflected in his elaborate staged photos) and Canadian painter Wade Stout, whose show Macbeth: A Civil War of the Mind is showing in the Maltwood's McPherson Gallery until the end of May.

12 April 2008

Flickr Flap

Earlier this week, Flickr launched video capability, albeit limited (only Pro users may upload videos and only up to 90 seconds each), but a large part of the community doesn't seem to want it there at all:

There are, of course, groups: We Say NO to Videos on Flickr and NO VIDEO ON FLICKR!!

Personally, as much as I love Flickr, I am ambivalent about this move. I probably won't use it, since I already use YouTube, and when my Flickr Pro account comes up for renewal this month, I will pull out my credit card and ante up as usual.

11 April 2008

Chores and Chore Avoidance

Some days, my To Do list seems impossibly huge. Last night, before I tackled some of the tasks, I took the time to sit down and paint a few more ACEO/ATCs but I also set up a space for Kiddo to work across from me thus amusing the child while getting fun stuff done:


(I guess, technically, the ACEOs were on my To Do list, just no where near the top end.) This batch I had drawn while on the ferry last week and I am most pleased with this piece featuring Mister Bones on a swing:


After that was multi-tasking as Kiddo got bathed, I put away laundry, tidied up the bedrooms, and vacuumed. After she was in bed, I started to tackle the mountain of paperwork in the dining area but I ran out of steam pretty quick. Happily, Hubby returned from his workout with a decaf latte for me. :) Alas, the paperwork is still threatening to avalanche, so I have more work to do tonight.

Once the paperwork is filed and/or shredded, I get to do my taxes! Oh joy.

08 April 2008

Is that even possible?

In Kiddo's world it is.

I should back up; this is all about teeth. Kiddo has lost a total of three teeth now and a fourth is wiggly. When she didn't put her last tooth under the pillow, I asked why -- she said she wanted to keep it because it was hers, after all.

This week she has gone one better. She wants to write a letter to the tooth fairy requesting her other two teeth back. When she was reminded that the tooth fairy paid her for the teeth in question, she said, "That's OK, she can just send me a bill."


06 April 2008

Done and done!

The Sampler contributions are on their way -- I seriously mis-estimated how much effort that would take so here's hoping I get a decent return on my investment.



On another note, did anyone else watch SNL last night? I was so very disappointed; Christopher Walken seemed to be reading off cue cards for every last lame sketch. Sigh.

Catching up...

Wow, that was a long break... what the heck have I been doing the last few days?

Tuesday was a long day -- up early for a ferry ride to Vancouver for the Massive Technology Show then a detour to Richmond before heading back to the island. Unfortunately at 2:20 the 3:00 ferry was full and the next one (at 5:00) was filling fast, so we opted for the 3:15 to Duke Point, just south of Nanaimo. Even with the extra drive over the Malahat, we got home before the 5:00 would have docked at Swartz Bay. This is my favourite shot from the day:


Wednesday started with bad news from the dentist (Kiddo has many cavities) and ended with my stapling the last of the colouring books for the Sampler.

Between Thursday and today, I have finished off most of the Cthulhu finger puppets -- the Media contributions for the Sampler -- plus I wrote something that approximates a press release, and worked on the other digital components of the contribution. I have also spent a good amount of time hanging out with Kiddo and Hubby and playing the odd game of Wii golf or bowling.

Tomorrow, come hell or high water, the Sampler package goes in the mail. Other than that, it should be a regular Sunday.