23 April 2008

Ha! This is the way you stop terrorists and tyrants...

... deny them their weapons.

Basically, a shipload of weapons and/or amunition was on its way from China to Zimbabwe but because the goods had to get to the land-locked country through a port, dockworkers in several coutries refused to unload the shipment. Awesome.

The ship will likely return to China where officials regard it simply as a "transaction" and are not commenting on the political issues.

[I heard this on the CBC this morning, but couldn't find a story on their site, so here is more information from Thaindian News.]


Amy said...

having just seen "Blood Diamond" and then hearing a story on indentured servants (a.k.a. slaves) and that there are more in the world than ever before... I'm quite chuffed to hear about this story. I wish this sort of thing would happen more often.

But who knows, they could have been to go towards the resistance. I think sometimes that the world would be better without weapons. Maybe we could just arm wrestle for each other's countries or play chess or something. hmm. I maybe onto something.

Abigail said...

Nice. Wish someone had thought to do that with Rwanda.