27 April 2008

Mike's Big Four-OhhhhhhhhhYeah!

As the title implies, yesterday was Hubby's 40th. The morning started with gift-giving -- he finally got something he'd wanted for a long time:


Yep, robotic LEGO -- the foundation for his robot army.

For lunch, with family, we went to Don Mee's for dim sum (mmMMMmmm).

The big deal for the evening, though, was the pub-crawl and related merry-making. It was a challenge to figure out how it was going to play out -- apparently aging gen-xers don't really have anywhere to party in Victoria...

Just before we went out, Hubby received a birthday wish by video which has now, happily, been posted on YouTube for the world to see:

That put us in a pretty good mood as we walked to the first stop -- The Tudor House in Esquimalt. From there, the party moved to Bartholomew's where we were actually the youngest crowd in the house. After that, we wanted to see what had become of Hubby's beloved former hangout, the Old Bailey, which had been re-modeled into Smiths. It was kind of eurotrashy, but it served its purpose.

After that, we had some great debate about where to go. Several people headed for home but Hubby and I wanted to find somewhere with a dance floor. After a few attempts, we ended up at Hush (formerly Rumors) on Government street. It was a $9 cover and featured some of the lamest DJs I've ever suffered through. Honestly, the music was fine, but they had no control over the floor -- the music kept crashing into itself or slowing to a beat that ended up clearing the floor. Really, really lame. Sigh. We stayed about an hour, and just after midnight called it a night... but a good night.


Star said...

Great video! Happy birthday to Mike. Tell him that 40 is not old. Sometimes it feels like it though.

pastilla said...

Though I cannot share my LJ rotating purple cheesecake here on blogger, please wish hubby many happy returns of the day!