15 April 2008

A little art and a breath of fresh air....

There are two things almost guaranteed to put me in a happier frame of mind:

1. a self-directed wander, preferably with camera in hand and without a time limit
2. finding new art/artists
Today, I did both.

This morning, I got in a brief self-directed wander through Finnerty Gardens, as usual. The air was very cold and the skies were grey, but it wasn't raining so I did get some nice photos:

burst_of_red magnolia2

As for art, I took a few moments to look at some Paintings by Elephants (yes, real elephants) as well as photos of the International Quilt Festival in Chicago. The winning quilt is stunning -- it looks like a painting:

I've also recently been enjoying the work of Chinese photographer Wang Qingsong (whose view of his changing country is reflected in his elaborate staged photos) and Canadian painter Wade Stout, whose show Macbeth: A Civil War of the Mind is showing in the Maltwood's McPherson Gallery until the end of May.

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