19 April 2008

Weekend projects....

Before I get into details, I have to note that it SNOWED here today. (Hubby thinks that God may actually be unimpressed by the false idol under construction on our deck... heh heh.) We didn't get any accumulation in our neighbourhood but parts of the region did -- and Nanaimo got an incredible 24 centimetres (that's close to a foot for those of you south of the border).

But enough about the crazy/stupid/record-breaking weather.

We've been busy this weekend... Hubby with his soft-launch of PrefabSite.Net (wOOO!) and me, crafting, as usual... some new Huggitz critters (made from a reclaimed scarf) and four new CuppaJoe Cozies -- I got an order for four of the same so I made them fresh to make sure they matched.



Friday, I took the van in for some minor service (and I continue to be very happy with the service at Searle's Automotive), went out for breakfast while we waited, then indulged in some consumer therapy -- Mayfair Mall, Michael's, and Value Village -- before returning home to do laundry and cleaning and such.

So far, it's been one of those weekends that feels at once full and also relaxed... the kind that is impossible to create if you are actually trying. And I have another day left. Ahhhh!