11 April 2008

Chores and Chore Avoidance

Some days, my To Do list seems impossibly huge. Last night, before I tackled some of the tasks, I took the time to sit down and paint a few more ACEO/ATCs but I also set up a space for Kiddo to work across from me thus amusing the child while getting fun stuff done:


(I guess, technically, the ACEOs were on my To Do list, just no where near the top end.) This batch I had drawn while on the ferry last week and I am most pleased with this piece featuring Mister Bones on a swing:


After that was multi-tasking as Kiddo got bathed, I put away laundry, tidied up the bedrooms, and vacuumed. After she was in bed, I started to tackle the mountain of paperwork in the dining area but I ran out of steam pretty quick. Happily, Hubby returned from his workout with a decaf latte for me. :) Alas, the paperwork is still threatening to avalanche, so I have more work to do tonight.

Once the paperwork is filed and/or shredded, I get to do my taxes! Oh joy.

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