27 May 2008

Where am I?

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Actually, it's a trick question. This photo shows some minor alterations to the campus; there is a production company filming a movie of the week miniseries ("Impact") at UVic for a few days.

I don't usually get over to this area, but I am attending the Digital Humanities Summer Institute this week, taking Issues in Large Project Planning and Management -- wOO! (Actually it is much more interesting than the title suggests.)

The really interesting thing is that the DHSI brings together people from across Canada, the US and around the world -- well, at least from the UK ;) Learning about the projects they are working on has really made me think about where we are (at work) in our digitization ventures. Overall, I think we're in a good spot, but I am starting to see where changes need to be made.

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Coffee Expert said...

I was working in HSDA240 today and 2 of the child actors came in with tutors...
One of them, a 12 year old dude, Fred Savage wonder years look-alike was quite candid about some of the movie details... release date etc.
I asked: "What future action star do you hope to emulate?"
he said without hesitation...
"Brad Pitt!"