31 May 2008


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Sometimes a good, anger-fueled cleaning is good for the soul. Even better when it is followed by a cathartic trip to the dump.

I got an overdue notice earlier in the week for two books out on Kiddo's card. After a lot of sorting and shuffling we found one -- though the title on the book was not the same as the title in their catalog (the barcode matched though, so I knew I had the "right" book). The other book was lost to the tides of crap around here and we ended up just paying the replacement cost (which will be coming out of Kiddo's allowance).

Anyway, the search, along with the fact that we had company coming for dinner, propelled me into an angry fit of cleaning that basically blew through the main floor -- including one stack of filing and another stack of shredding -- and out on to the deck which is where we gathered a van-load of junk that we took to the dump. Ahhhh.

The deck clean-up also unearthed our stepladder which meant I could secure the screen to the window upstairs and now we can get a breeze going again -- yay!

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