05 May 2008

Crafty Weekend

Saturday started off lazily but eventually we went into town to meet up with my Mother in Law (and collect Kiddo) and check out this year's selection for Free Comic Book Day. We went to three different stores (all in one block on Johnson Street) and each got a handful of comics. I also bought the first three in a series I have been eying for some time.

Over the rest of the weekend, Hubby and Kiddo did some sculpting, I whipped up some flower pins, and Kiddo and I spent a couple of hours making crayons:

Last night, I also put together a how-to, posted over at ThoseDeWolfes. (Download Sunday Afternoon Recycled Crayons (PDF)).

I have also listed some of the crayons in colouring sets with my Monsters and Aliens wee colouring books -- the sets are selling for $4.25 per set on Etsy. Don't worry, Kiddo got to keep at least half of what we made.

I also helped Kiddo to sort and trim down her toys -- we moved the bookshelf of toys out of the living room and into storage -- in return for her LEGO table to the corner. This made her very happy.

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