02 May 2008

these thoughts have no common thread

I have been very aware of my dream-state lately -- by this I mean that in my dreams I am aware that I am dreaming. I don't know if this "means" anything and I don't really care much, it's just odd, though it used to happen a lot more when I was younger. The oddest example lately was last weekend where I was dreaming that the power had gone out and thought, "Hmm, I should wake up and check if the power's out." (It wasn't.)


Tonight, Hubby and I are planning to take in two movies in the theatre (one after the other in the same complex) because there are several we want to see... it's been a long while since we've tried to pull that trick (not since the days of going to the Roxy, pre-kiddo). Anyway, we should be taking in one superhero film and one adult comedy; reviews will follow.



Being between terms, the library itself is quiet these days, though there are many changes in the wings for staff so rumors are flying and things could get a bit hairy. I am bracing myself accordingly.


For those of you keeping track, we are still waffling on the house-hunting issue, there are so many factors to consider including the fact that the most recent "average" house price in Victoria hit a new record high of just over $650K (to be fair, the median is somewhat lower at $558K) and we really don't relish the thought of spending over half a million dollars for a house. Sigh.

I did take a peek at this house; the price is a bit higher than we'd like, but the house seemed ideal, until I realized there was virtually no yard, save for a stretch in the front, right along a main road. (It also needs a lot of updating -- the current owners have a style that would send most HGTV hosts into some sort of fit or fugue. In fact, I think there may be Astroturf® in the kitchen.)


Last night I pulled out all my beading stuff, sorted it, then put it away again because I wasn't ready to settle in for a beading session, which usually end up taking me several hours. Still, I was feeling the need to make something, so I whipped up a little "sunny side up" pincushion. While I like the design, overall, I need to work on the detailing.


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