23 December 2007

The twenty-fifth approaches.

It's funny. This year, when it was late November and Christmas decorations were up, I was OK with it (usually I maintain a shield of humbug until mid-December) but now I think I am all Christmas-ed out before the big day.

I had Thursday and Friday off, and they were very nice days off indeed... did some last minute shopping, took a few photos, had lunch out both days, and generally relaxed and enjoyed myself.
Yesterday was a little more chaotic... we risked shopping in the eye of the storm (i.e. we braved Mayfair Mall at mid-day) but were able to find a parking spot near an entrance, get what we needed, and get out (after pointing and laughing at all the over-stressed parents in line at Toys-R-Us).

Today, despite sleeping in, I have been tired all day... and little things have added up to make today seem very, very long.

Tomorrow, we head for the mainland for a short visit then back for Christmas night. We have a ferry reservation to get there... but not back... so I am expecting a considerable wait at the terminal on Christmas Day. Sigh. I will have a book and some knitting handy.

Until then....

"Merry Christmas and belated wishes for Solstice and Hannukah."

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Star said...

I wish you all a wonderful holday.