12 December 2007

More Knitting....

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A while ago, while I was furiously working to finish the Doctor Who Scarf, Kiddo asked me if I would knit her a pair of slippers. "Sure!" I said. Then I knit a bunch of baby hats... and then I took a break.

Soon enough I was itching for something else to knit. "I know!" I thought, "Slippers!"

So, I dug out the pattern (a very tattered photocopy of a "free leaflet" from Patton's -- "Speedy Slippers to Knit") and grabbed some happy kid-friendly multicoloured yarn and started knitting. I had them done in no time and she just loves them.

Now that I have finished the slippers I can start on something else... something for me, I think! I want to learn to knit in the round (circulars or maybe even -- gasp! -- double points) so I figure the perfect entry into that is to make my own fangrrl wear: a Jayne Cobb hat (from Firefly, for those not in the know).

In the meantime, I got an invite to Ravelry but not until after I had already added the Stitchbook application to my Facebook account. So, yeah, I can track my knitting projects a little more effectively now. Also those will help to ensure that this won't turn into "Cheryl's Knitting Blog."

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Star said...

Those slippers bring back memories. My husband's grandmother knitted well into her 90's. We all had a steady supply of "doppas" as she called them.

Happy HOlidays CHeryl