21 December 2007

Box Lunch

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This amazing little bookshelf held my lunch today at Nautical Nellie's.

On top is tuna tataki -- sesame crusted and just barely seared then thinly sliced so that it is almost like sashimi. It was drizzled with hoisin sauce and served with pickled ginger and watercress. Next were two delicate ham and cheese biscuits, then a mixed green salad with a fruit vinigarette dressing and the soup of the day -- this was a tomato bisque. The "box lunch" was reasonably priced at $12.50. I also ordered a side of sauteed BC wild mushrooms ($5) which were equally delicious.

I'll admit, I was shocked from the moment my Mom and I walked inside, because the last time I passed by (and was paying attention) the place looked like a cheezy seafood place (I swear I remember seeing fishing nets on the ceiling). Now, the place has fine dining written all over it, and food that more than matches the decor.

Nautical Nellie's has been serving steak and seafood on Wharf Street for a decade, and I am now kicking myself for not having paid more attention -- because the meal was fantastic.

Seriously, if you haven't been, and are looking for a nice place for dinner, I can't give a much higher recommendation.

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Anonymous said...

It looks (n sounds) almost good enoug to make a trip over there.