02 December 2007

It's December, right?

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So, naturally, we put up the decorations today :)

First, though, we made Kiddo clear out some of her excess toys and books, plus we had to rearrange things to put up the tree, which means her beloved LEGO is now in storage until the end of the month.

But, she did most of the tree decorations, plus her own little tree in her room.

The tree (the cheap one we picked up in the states) is okay... it's not top of the line.... not even middle of the pack... but if it lasts past this year, we are ahead of the game because it cost lest than a cut tree. (Yeah, I know, not the most eco-sensitive decision... but I would definitely go for a pre-lit tree again, just for the stress it saved us.)

The enclosed photo is of the Starbucks ornament I got last year hanging in the new tree.


Tonight, I knit two more baby hats; I've almost memorized the pattern now -- how cool is that? I splurged on some nice yarn at the Beehive Wool Shop on Thursday. Oddly, it's all Patons. Two balls of Rumor (a really soft blend with alpaca), one of Bohemian (a weird chenille-like acrylic blend), and one Shetland Chunky wool/acrylic blend, all of which work nicely for the baby hat pattern. I also grabbed some heavily-marked-down eyelash yarn for more Wradical Wraps.

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