21 September 2005

Running Away to See the Circus?

Ever since we took kiddo to see the very pathetic excuse for a circus which came through town two years ago, she has wanted to see another circus. A few days ago, we saw an ad for the Ringling Bros. tour, though it was in Seattle the following day.

When I checked the Ringling Bros. site last night, I found that the "Gold Tour" is currently in Canada (!!) albeit in Prince George right now, then Grand Prairie Alberta. However, in mid-October they will be in Spokane, Washington.

In theory, we could take the Coho ferry from here to Port Angeles on Friday afternoon, stay Friday, see the show Saturday afternoon, stay Saturday night, and come back on Sunday morning. But it wouldn't be a cheap trip; circus tickets would cost about US$65; the ferry would cost us about US$70 each way; plus hotel and food costs....

Since the circus follows a regular route, I think maybe we should go next year. Sigh.

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