09 September 2005

How does this represent FREEDOM???

I don't get it.

ABC 7 News - Freedom Walk Interlopers Threatened With Arrest

Arlington, Va (AP) - Anyone who joins Sunday's Nine-Eleven memorial Freedom Walk without registering could be arrested.

Pentagon officials tell The Washington Post that the route from the Pentagon to the Mall will be lined with four-foot-high snow fencing. US Park Police will keep out interlopers. Hundreds of officers will patrol the route on foot, horseback, motorcycles and in a helicopter.

Park Police Chief Dwight Pettiford says anyone who joins the march or the subsequent concert on the Mall without a permit and refuses to leave will be arrested. The media will also won't be allowed to join walkers on the route.

Police have approved a permit from a small group of protesters that plans to stand along Independence Avenue.

Walkers have until 4:30 p.m. Friday to register online at www.asyfreedomwalk.com. There is no walk up registration.

If a march happens in a city, and no one is allowed to broadcast it, does it happen? I thought the point of the freedom march was to show the Terrorists they didn't win.... how will they know if it isn't on CNN?

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