03 September 2005

Ottawa's Bright Idea.

The Globe and Mail: Ottawa hopes Canadians slow down, stay home


OK. I know the US could use some oil to get things going again... but this makes it sound like Mr. Martin is asking Canadians not to drive our cars so much so that Americans can drive theirs.

Bite me.


Tim said...

That's exactly what they're saying, according to my reading. Apparently if the US economy suffers, we all suffer, so we just have to put their welfare before our own, in order to ensure our most-preferred-colony status.

Z├ęzette said...

Well that sounds reasonable. Cos, like, the US is suffering, right? Through no fault of their own, right? They've never put anyone else in this position, right? It's the United States, for heaven's sake... they deserve it, nay, they're entitled to your fuel. So quit yer bitchin'.

*yawn* Oh, sorry, I was dreaming. Fuck 'em. Do them some good to go without for a while. What a joke.