03 February 2010

Not for a fistful of hundred dollar bills

I think I've already made this clear, but I am not a supporter of the big boondoggle set to kick off in a few days. After reading the list of items banned from venues (which will have airport-style security), I commented that you wouldn't be able to get me in a venue with a free ticket and a fistful of unmarked non-sequential $100 bills.

Included on the list
  • Water balloon launchers (really? this happens often enough to need a separate listing?)
  • Leaflets, pamphlets, non-approved publications and promotional material (this just plain angers my inner librarian -- what exactly is a non-approved publication?)
  • Banners containing religious, political, provocative or obscene content and or visible branding and trademarks of sponsor and non-sponsor companies (guess what part of this annoys me? yup, that pesky branding and trademark stuff! What amuses me most is they don't even want logos of the participating sponsors visible -- my guess is they are paying for every reference)
  • Flags of non-participating countries (non-participating in the games or non-participating at that event?)
  • Strollers (because transportation is going to be a challenge but if you want to take your toddler to a once in a lifetime event, the kid is going to have to walk or be carried)
  • Umbrellas (because it never rains in Vancouver)


Anne said...

I'm not enthused...

But then, I haven't watched the Olympics for years. Or pretty much any other organized sporting event.

Sue McCaskill said...

What a load of crap! But then, like you I am not a games supporter; haven't been since they started allowing professionals to compete. Kinda destroys the intent of the games! Personally, I think it's just become a huge money grab.