06 February 2010

One Hundred Things

I started this list of "100 Things That Make Me Happy (Besides Money)" about 5 years ago after selecting it as something that seemed simple enough when I first joined 43 Things. Last November, I added it to my PeGeStuDoMo list, again thinking it was a simple task. When I finally got to number 75 in the last week of January, I decided to commit time to it every day until it was done -- even if I just added one item. I finished it on February 2nd.

Parts of this list have been blogged before but here's the list in full:

  1. Walking alone in shaded woods or gardens.
  2. The sound of moving water in nature (ocean waves; streams and rivers; winter runoff or waterfalls).
  3. Observing nature, with or without a camera in hand.
  4. Finding something “hidden” in plain view.
  5. Identifying plants, bugs, and animals.
  6. The smell and taste of a well-made cup of coffee.
  7. Smooth dark chocolate melting in my mouth.
  8. Walking into a house filled with the smell of baking or cooking.
  9. Teaching my daughter cooking skills.
  10. Making soup!
  11. Sunrise or sunset on a slightly cloudy day.
  12. A warm, purring cat in my lap on a cold day.
  13. Reading a story that makes me laugh out loud or cry.
  14. Getting (positive) feedback on things I’ve written; especially if I have made someone smile, or laugh, or think.
  15. Sharing a book I’ve “discovered” with someone else.
  16. watching trashy TV without feeling guilty
  17. watching great TV without feeling guilty
  18. digging into a big bag of fresh popcorn
  19. sharing a big bag of fresh popcorn
  20. pulling together a meal out of whatever’s on hand and having it turn out to be a new favourite
  21. planting vegetables and helping them grow
  22. eating fresh vegetables that I have grown
  23. seeing a great photo or other piece of art—especially in unexpected settings
  24. seeing a deer from the bus or an eagle fly over a schoolyard
  25. bopping along to ridiculous songs in my earbuds
  26. scraping batter from the bowl or licking the beaters
  27. biting into a cookie still warm and soft from the oven
  28. the smell of fresh baked bread
  29. the taste of a fresh strawberry
  30. clipping herbs from the garden to use in a meal
  31. picking fresh fruit from a tree
  32. making pickles, jams and other preserves
  33. judging a book by its cover and being right
  34. finding a new author and going back through their whole catalog
  35. reading e-books while waiting for the bus
  36. reading a free newspaper on the morning commute
  37. wandering through the library just browsing
  38. curling up in bed with a graphic novel
  39. watching full-length animated movies
  40. window shopping
  41. zipping downhill on my bike
  42. all the memories that rush back when an old favourite song is played
  43. the first rain after a dry spell
  44. the smell of the ocean on an overcast day
  45. the sound of a train whistle or horn in the distance
  46. the sounds of a steam train
  47. taking an afternoon nap
  48. realizing I can still learn things, at any age
  49. that a-Ha moment when a concept becomes clear
  50. explaining a concept to someone else then seeing that a-Ha moment
  51. the smell of wet leaves in the fall
  52. the sound of rain on a tent when I'm inside
  53. building and stoking a real wood fire
  54. the sound of rocks being pulled over each other by receding waves
  55. reading and re-reading poetry
  56. writing poetry, especially haiku
  57. taking on a writing challenge and finishing it, even if it doesn't get me anything
  58. crossing things off lists -- in general -- but especially things that have been a long time coming
  59. finding a new use for something
  60. using something I have repaired
  61. watching my daughter sleeping
  62. going to bed the night before I know I don't have an alarm set to wake me
  63. waking up before everyone else and having a quiet house to myself
  64. mushrooms and onions sauteed in butter -- it's always the start of something yummy.
  65. seeing someone wearing or using something I've made
  66. making something without a pattern
  67. following a pattern and succeeding
  68. finding a great tip and sharing it
  69. fancy printed book endpapers, especially marbled ones
  70. holding old books and thinking about all the people who have turned the same pages
  71. marveling at the intricacies of nineteenth century prints from etchings
  72. the peace of walking through a graveyard
  73. trying to unlock how an artist made a given piece of work
  74. playing silly computer games
  75. playing sudoku now that the trend has faded
  76. going out for a date with my husband
  77. fresh-baked apple crumble made without a recipe -- different every time
  78. watching a show on Canadian TV, without bleeps or re-edited dialog and sometimes even with unpixelated nudity
  79. browsing through Etsy and eBay at all the amazing, weird and banal things that people sell
  80. finding and sharing useless trivia
  81. being challenged on a useless fact and being able to find and show proof I was right
  82. looking at architectural details and learning how to identify an architect's style
  83. writing reviews and sharing my opinion
  84. getting results from a strongly worded letter to a company, government body, or other corporation
  85. watching a production line in action whether it is human or mechanical -- I always think of the Looney Tunes "assembly line" music (Oooh! Useless trivia moment, that music is called "Powerhouse" by Raymond Scott.)
  86. rainbows
  87. the idea of unicorn chasers, even if I don't particularly like unicorns
  88. getting lost on the web by link-hopping (easiest on sites like Wikipedia)
  89. watching clouds moving and shifting
  90. watching dew turn to steam on warm summer mornings
  91. having a job that allows me to wear sassy t-shirts and jeans and pays more than $8 per hour.
  92. watching our cat play like a kitten
  93. catching up on tv shows with marathons of a season in a week.
  94. realizing I know enough about a given program to get the result I expect when I am using it
  95. the smell of laundry that has dried in the fresh air
  96. breathing deeply on a crisp, clear morning
  97. standing on the deck with a mug of coffee, just listening
  98. finding the answer to something particularly tricky
  99. imagining what cats are really thinking
  100. finishing this list and realizing there's a lot more I could add.
And, after crossing this off my list, I smiled thinking about item #58.

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