01 October 2009

October arrives

I love October. Why?

  • Our anniversary is in October and I always take vacation to go with it.
  • I finally get to tell people to stop complaining about the rain, "it's October; it's supposed to rain."
  • The weather is cool enough that I can bake without suffering all evening in an overheated house.
  • Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie.
  • Halloween means that when we put weird things on our lawn fewer people freak out.
  • It's close enough to Christmas that I don't seem wacky for working on Christmas projects and far enough away that I actually have a shot at finishing them.
  • October's colour is orange and I look good in orange.



kenju said...

Yes, you do, Cheryl! Tanya sent me. I love October too, since my birthday falls later in the month. I look good in orange as well.

Star said...

Well, October does seem to be your month. Enjoy.

kimm said...

October is a great month, because of thanksgiving (yum pumpkin pie) and of course halloween. When every kid gets to use their imagination.

I don't think I own anything orange anymore :/

Have a great thanksgiving this weekend.