01 August 2009

OTTO Contest update

OK, there are 12 entries in CoffeeCrew.com's Win OTTO contest so in theory I have a 1/12 chance... that's pretty good!

Here's how to vote:

OTTO Rules - There are 12 stories, numbered 1 through 12. You may register a vote by picking 1 story based on the number or the author and send me an e-mail. The subject header or body of the e-mail must contain the words OTTO and the number of the story. You may not vote more than once. One e-mail address = one vote. If I detect that someone is registering multiple e-mails to vote for the same story, this could result in the disqualification of the author... so don't go there! The person with the most votes by August 7, 2009 will be declared the winner. It is simple as that. I will also pick the 2nd and 3rd place winners for EspressoParts.Com T-shirts and other nifty prizes.

My story is #2, A Rebellious Act. I promise to let you come over and play with the OTTO if I win. :)

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