14 August 2009

on spoilers....

I'm glad I was ambivalent about seeing The Time Traveller's Wife before I watched Rachel McAdams spoil pretty much every possible plot point in her brief interview with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show last night. I hadn't read the book, despite it being recommended to me by oodles of people, and now I doubt I will bother. Thanks a bunch, Rachel.

Spoilers, in general, really irk me. Way back in the 80s, someone spoiled the big plot twist in Empire Strikes Back and I've worked hard to avoid them in most cases ever since.

Of course, there are times when I will seek the spoilers -- when M. Night Shyamawhosits' The Happening came out, I had already grown tired of his "suprise twist endings" and actively searched for the spoiler**. I didn't find it right away, but I did find something likely, so Hubby happily blogged it.

**yes, this links to the real spoiler -- a full plot summary that reveals everything you ever wanted to know about The Happening.

If you aren't bothered by spoilers, you might find this Threadless t-shirt amusing:
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Star said...

I know. I sort of wanted to see that movie before I saw that interview. Now I have no desire at all to see it. I didn't read the book either.