29 August 2009

Mother-daughter day

Last night, we tried to highlight Kiddo's hair with Kool-Aid™ homebrew dye; unfortunately, her hair is a bit too dark so there was very little effect. You can see some red highlights in the sunshine but only if you are looking for them. Oh well. Next time: henna rinse.

This morning, we finished the zine! Bümfmag, issue 1 is now available -- I will be shipping out the giveaway issues Monday. There's still a couple more spaces if you want to get a freebie, otherwise the zine is for sale on Etsy:

Best thing? Kiddo is already planning what goes in issue #2.

Around noon, we went to the museum, in part to see the visiting exhibit from the British Museum. Unlike other visiting exhibits, this one does not seem to be drawing the crowds. The tickets were supposed to be timed but there was no lineup and no crowd. In fact, only the IMAX seemed slightly busy today. The exhibit itself was interesting -- a few key pieces especially so -- but I think it lacked the focus that others have brought (e.g. Titanic, Da Vinci).

After the museum, we met my Mom and my Mother in Law at the Gatsby Mansion for Afternoon Tea. Not bad, but not fantastic either -- great location, nice to not be rushed, but the food was just acceptable. The search continues for the best tea in Victoria; apparently, I am picky about afternoon tea.


Amy said...

What is your ideal afternoon tea consist of?
Your Mother/daughter day sounds really fantastic!

Cheryl said...

Ideal tea should include at minimum, good tea in a proper teapot (preferably with a tea cosy so that it does not get too cold) with food served on a tiered tray that includes starters, sandwiches and sweets. The sandwiches should include cucumber among the variations and one tray should also include scones. Beyond that, I like to be able to enjoy the tea at a leisurely pace in pleasant surroundings. So far, if I could combine the atmosphere of the Gatsby Mansion with the tea and food at the White Heather, I would be able to call off the search.