08 August 2009

All in all a lovely day

The day started well; hubby randomly made crepes and filled them with fresh peaches and cherries. YUM!

After breakfast my Mom, Kiddo and I went out to Glendale Gardens for the Art & Music in the Gardens event. I was impressed with the size and scope of the gardens (definitely worth another visit) and really enjoyed the range of art. I even bought a mosaic stepping stone; it was only $35 which I decided was a bargain for the amount of fiddling it would take me to do the same thing. It's by Bruce Kellow and Kelly Zozula (well that's the name of the displaying artists; Kelly told me her daughter actually did the one I bought). Kiddo also got some photos of Bruce at work.

After the gardens, we picked up Hubby and went to the White Heather tea room; his Mom also met us there. Aside from losing our reservation (they cancelled the wrong one!!) the tea was very tasty -- a proper afternoon tea with scones, sandwiches and sweets plus pots of tea all around.

glendale_bridge skull_stepping_stone afternoon_tea_for_four

After all that, I managed to accomplish a whole lot this evening: sorting, rearranging and tidying the many, many stacks of boxes and other stuff in the basement office. I think it is a much more useable space now.

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