10 July 2009

The Weekend Cometh.

This week has had an elastic quality. Monday and Tuesday seemed to take forever, slowly stretching well into Wednesday but sometime yesterday everything seemed to snap back to normal and now it's Friday.

It was pointed out to me that my banner up there includes a typo and though I promised to fix it, I keep forgetting to do so. I will fix it this weekend. Really. If I don't, you have my permission to flood my inbox with comments to remind me.

Anyway, here's some fun/interesting stuff out there in the world:

A new digital collection at the University of Buffalo features pulp fiction book covers -- over 500 of the library's collection of 30,000 pulp fiction books and magazines. Browse the collection for some great eye candy.

I'm sure after reading about the return of textile coffins, someone out there will try to knit or quilt their own. It's an interesting idea but a green/natural burial is still the ideal as far as biodegradability goes.

For the zombie film-makers in the audience, there is a zombie short film festival coming up in Toronto later this year (tentatively October 30th) -- there is a $20 entry fee, films need to run under 20 min and be submitted on DVD by October 1st.

Although I didn't think I would start to grow bored of zombies, I realized I am already looking for the next trend -- monsters? Maybe, if Where the Wild Things Are doesn't tank at the box office. ...

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