04 July 2009

Allotments of time

People often ask me, "How do you get so much done?" and, if I answer honestly, I tell them that I just tend to focus my time on a given subject for a short time then move on to something else. Eventually, I come back to things. Of course, I find this frustrating at times; some stuff falls off the map for weeks (months!) at a time making it that much more challenging to catch up.

So I have drafted a schedule, of sorts. Six nights with two or three tasks each, prioritized to some extent. I figure I'll give it a few weeks and then tweak it as needed then repeat that process until I get a working model. This is basically what it looks like:

Most days will be manageable, I think. Monday is mostly about press-releases and making sure I've uploaded any outstanding movie reviews. Wednesday is shop-day -- I don't expect to update every shop every week, but I should focus on at least one each week whether it's adding listings or promoting them. Saturday is left open for "catch-up" in case there's something that keeps me busy enough to not get things done during the week.

Basically, I hope to get these things done before settling in to my usual surfing, random blogging, facebook games, and other nonsense. That's the plan anyway.


Zézette said...

I've been given a bit of stick over the years for my tendency towards timetabling my life, but when I'm busy it's just the only way. I'm really glad to see someone else doing it! I've been trying to motivate myself to do one up for my current life, so you've inspired me. Thanks!

Ada Saab said...

wow! I'm glad you were able to fit me in somewhere before or after "Marketing"!

Cheryl said...

Silly Ada. All of these can fall off the map for friends and family. Besides, that's what Saturday's "Catch-up" category is for! ;)