18 July 2009

Vintage craft bonanza

My Mother in Law came over this morning for breakfast (mmmmm, home made eggs benedict with panfries made with fresh-from-the garden potatoes and herbs, thanks Hubby). The plan for the day was supposed to be the Moss Street Paint-in but Hubby and I are sissies when it comes to the stuffy weather (turns out there was a nice breeze most of the day and it would likely have been fine) so after talking it over with the others we all decided to hit up yard sales instead.

We got some great stuff.... a new game table (folding card table with a handmade top that includes a chess/checker board), a slot car race set for Kiddo, some movies, and other odds and ends.

But, the best find of all was an armload of Tri-Chem Liquid Embroidery stuff from the seventies. Included were two carry-cases, loads of paints, two catalogs from 1973, canvases (most untouched, a few completed, some with instructions) and some maintenance tools and instructions.

All for a buck.

Tri-Chem Liquid Embroidery

The best thing was a blank green "velvet" canvas printed with a pattern that looked familiar -- a flower arrangement in a copper teapot (similar to the daisies above). I couldn't get a good photo of the canvas and it didn't come with instructions but it doesn't matter; I have another that my Mother completed back in the day. All in all, even if I never use the paint, it was totally worth the trip down memory lane. I have also added the catalogs to my mental "to be scanned" pile.

And, just in case you were curious, Tri-Chem has been made since 1948 and is still available.


Star said...

It's pre-breakfast for me right now, and yours sounds yummy. Nice yard sale finds.

Z├ęzette said...

I was going to comment when you first posted this, but I've been trying to remember what this product was called in Australia, and it's been driving me nuts! Then, when my daughter woke up at 3 this morning the answer just came to me: Hobbytex! So I looked it up, thinking I might be able to treat you to some kitschy vintage images, but instead found kitschy contemporary images... Hobbytex is still alive and kicking! I can't believe it. Still in the same packaging and all.

My aunt was really in to this stuff in the early 70's. I recall she ruined a couple of shirts of mine with it.

By the way, I think "Tri-Chem" is the funniest name ever.