30 September 2008

Oh, Quitcherwhinin.

OK. So. BC Ferries is in a tailspin because they jacked up fares high enough that people have rethought their travel. Now, without tourists to make up the difference, the corp. is looking at cutting some runs -- more than the usual off-season thinning. This annoys me, but we can plan around it for the few trips we are likely to take.

Politicians are grasping at straws, saying that the ferries are an extension of our highway system (true, they are) and that service needs to be maintained. Keith Martin talked about the Trans-Canada highway in particular and how the ferries deliver so many people from coast to coast. Um, Keith, check your maps. The Trans Canada highway crosses the straight at Nanaimo. So, yeah, we could say that route has to be protected at full service, but I don't think the argument holds for the Southern route.

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Tim Bailey said...

For regions and communities that are only accessible by ferry (unless you have your own boat), the analogy of the highway (not the Trans-Canada one) is apt: it's the sign of a failed government when a the only road into town is actually closed. Of course, the only reason this is a topic of discussion in the first place is that the BC Liberals decided to give BC Ferries to their friends as a gift.