26 September 2008

A big part of why we are moving....

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... is to get a yard. For Kiddo (primarily) but also for gardening and just hanging out.

While the inspection went about as well as one could expect for a 95 year old house -- there are a couple of things to fix before we move in and a couple of tests (just to ensure no surprises later -- like an old buried oil tank on the property) -- I am still trying to not completely fall in love with the place until all the paperwork is signed.

That said, it is difficult. I originally thought there were two apple trees and a plum tree -- turns out there are actually FIVE apple trees; two dwarf varieties and three full-size trees, all covered in fruit plus a European plum tree (likely an Italian Prune Plum).

One thing we will have to address right away is the raised beds in the front; they are right up against the house which is wood frame and as such are an open invitation for insects to munch on the house. I'm OK with that -- it will give me an opportunity to re-design the front garden. I also plan to save the beams and build raised beds for veggies in the back yard, away from the house. Yay!

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Z├ęzette said...

Wow, I can see why it's a struggle not to fall in love with it! Those fruit trees! What a treat! There's a few fingers crossed on your behalf over here.