01 September 2008

If I never see a paintbrush again....

... well, you know.

We painted the townhouse this weekend -- top to bottom with the exception of some of the kitchen and the bathroom. It was a lot of work and I ache. all. over.

But, the place looks good and now we just have to keep puttering away at the thinning (we still need to reduce the crap in the kitchen by half) and start getting used to staying at our 3-bedroom hotel.

Our next hurdles are: waiting for the fences to be painted (largely out of our control though they are supposed to start the complex tomorrow); buy the remaining items to finish the staging (new sheets, new lamps -- don't worry, it's all stuff we want to get anyway); get the carpets installed (on the 12th) then stage, list, and stay out of the way.


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