22 September 2008

Busy, crazy weekend.

I had taken Friday off work and ended up taking the van in for repairs (most of the cost was for diagnostic work, grr) then taking oodles of grid photos.

Saturday, we tidied up and prepared to get out of the house -- apparently not soon enough as Realtors started showing up for showings at 10:30. We got everyone into the van, including the cat, and headed for Nanaimo. The goal was a return to Cyber City with a promise that we could do a round of mini-golf this time. We did, but Kiddo decided she "hates mini-golf!" so after we finished, Hubby took her for laser tag. Three minutes after going in, she decided she hated that too ("it wasn't dark enough!") so she got to climb in the kid-size habitrail until we were ready to go.

On our way back, we stopped at a Serious Coffee and checked our e-mail in case of any report about the Open House, then headed back down to Duncan. We stopped in the new super-size Wal-Mart and I am embarrassed to say I was impressed. It's one of the ones with the food floor, and we found (of all things) a giant jar of ghee -- made in Canada even -- which we've never found in Victoria. We will be getting our own giant Wal-Mart in Victoria once the construction is completed at the Douglas street location.

We returned home to find that our entrance hall closet door had been opened and closed so many times that the top hinge was broken and would no longer shut. I have patched it back together for now and we are leaving cash aside in case a buyer would prefer it be replaced.

The Realtor said the open house went very well, though, and expects our place to sell this week; we are expecting offers today. In the meantime, we are looking for somewhere to move!

We looked at one place on our shortlist that had an open house yesterday. We both instantly felt comfortable in the space, despite how much work it would take to un-fugly the place. Unfortunately, our Realtor thinks it is not worth the asking price... but we shall see.

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