09 May 2007


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The magazine pictured was part of the gift I gave hubby for his birthday -- one of those titles we don't buy every issue but splurge once in a while.

So anyway, he had it in the bathroom, which Kiddo seems to think is her personal library and apparently art studio. When we discovered the horns and other doodles all over the cover of this magazine on Monday evening, she got a very stern lecture on vandalism and got sent to bed with neither a story nor tv time.

Unfortunately, it's not the first thing she's ruined through vandalism (including a couple of incidents in kindergarten class involving other childrens' artwork).

Of course, when confronted, she immediately said "Sorry! I'm sorry!" which is one thing that has always ticked us off -- the "it's-easier-to-apologize-than-ask-permission" route. So, she got another lecture on that, too.

Which apparently did not sink in, as last night she got home from her immunizations with stickers that she immediately stuck to furniture in the living room!! AAAGH.

We really hate having to lecture her, but we won't tolerate the behaviour either. Hopefully she won't rebel and become Victoria's breakout grafitti artist of 2017.


Mike DeWolfe said...

Bah. Next year, we skip her birthday and say, "sorry."

Z├ęzette said...

My then-5 year old niece went through a phase of writing her name on everything, including I might add my leather sofa. When confronted about it she'd blame her two-year-old sister. I took to gasping in amazement and telling the five-year-old how amazing that was, and what a rare genius her sister is, given that level of writing skill while still in diapers. How special it was, and how she was likely to become famous. The fits of jealousy this brought on generally pushed her to claim responsibility after all. Will she be telling her psychologist about that in 20 years' time? Probably.