07 May 2007

Vancouver overnight...


On the way back from Naramata, we stayed friday night in Burnaby. We stayed at the Holiday Inn, adjascent to Metrotown, with the Skytrain and a major bus exchange right outside the window. I don't think we could have chosen a spot less like the idyllic calm of the Naramata Centre if we'd tried.

After a night of consumerism and a return to the matrix (free wifi and a very large LG LCD flat panel TV), we visited my brother and his family on Saturday. We also got a whirlwind tour of his new workplace, EA, which was swish, but apparently I can't say any more about it. (Trust me, very swish.) We also got to try out his Wii (which we very much enjoyed); here's Kiddo, concentrating on Wii tennis:


He even dragged out his "old" xbox (his 360 is dead again) so we could try our, uh, feet at Dance Dance Revolution. I have to admit, I was surprised at the amount of foot-eye coordination required, but I still think I would enjoy having the game.

After the kids had more time to visit, we headed off to the Richmond IKEA, then for the ferry home.

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