17 December 2006

Our Tree, 2006

The tree is trimmed... and I think the trimming emphasizes its wonkiness... but I'm sticking by that assymetry as part of the charm of a real tree. Apparently another part of the "charm" is branches that are alternately too stiff to bend or too weak to accomodate decorations... the result is... well, more quirkiness.


Kiddo put up her tree a couple of nights ago.. it's much smaller, and sits beside her bed. I've also put up the snowflake and icicle garland (though I am still short one snowflake... I'm working on it) but have yet to put up the ornament balls we crafted a couple of weekends ago.

We are hoping to host an open house after Christmas... so the decorations will stay up until sometime in January, likely.

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