26 December 2006

Boxing Day / Hang Day


Super quiet day hanging at home. I merged in as much of our new stuff as I could... I took out one large bin and two small bins of stuff from Kiddo's shelving area to make room for the new LEGO and Playmobil bounty:


I also turned the LEGO table 90° which Kiddo much prefers -- now she can look out into the living room while she is playing on her table instead of looking at the wall.

My haul included: a new bathrobe, several movies (Army of Darkness, 12 Monkeys, Goblet of Fire, V for Vendetta, and Playing By Heart, one of my favourite ensemble films -- who could be cuter than Gillian Anderson and Jon Stewart as a couple?), books (Spiderwick Chronicles, Anansi Boys, Encyclopedia of Stupidity, Dracula, and Urgent 2nd Class), a lovely new teapot from Silk Road Tea, two martini glasses, and more. (Thanks again, to all!)

Also, this may be the first Christmas ever that I have not received any chocolate. Very odd.

Back to hanging around, I guess. Hope your festivities were pleasant.

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