10 December 2006

Goodbye Star.

I never met Star, not in person, but over the past two years, I got to know her virtual self quite well.

We first "met" on orkut -- she was the first person I added to my friend circle outside the people I knew in real life. She has always encouraged me in my writing and other creative endeavours -- she once admitted to reading "every word" I wrote, whether it was here, or on MediaNook, or elsewhere. It was Star who pointed me to the Zombie Haiku contest and who would send me links to all manner of strange things that ended up on this blog or just brightening my day. She also, just this week, received three finger puppets from me; two she purchased and one I had sent along as an "UnBirthday gift" -- since her birthday was back in June.

I always checked Sarcasmoscorner on Monday and Friday mornings -- as did many other people -- for my fill of ridiculous stuff on the web -- crazy video mashups, strange products, films, books, zombies, pirates, and things that go bump in the night. I also read along at LiveJournal, where she had recently admitted to being in a new relationship that was fabulous (he has written a heartfelt obit on his own blog).

Star led a ridiculously busy life -- her weekends could as easily include a small role in a low-budget zombie flick as a stroll through the historical parks and streets of Philadelphia, camera in hand.

Star was 33, and though I never met her, I truly miss her.



ghewgill said...

Wow, that's quite shocking news. Although I never read sarcasmoscorner with any sort of regularity, I know from reading your blog that she really meant something to you. It makes one consider how mortal we all are.

Tommy said...

We'll all miss her profoundly. Thanks for your own reminders of her life.


JtH said...

It really is testimony to her that so many people are affected by her sad passing. She was quite the roll model and support group for writers/bloggers all rolled into one.

Katie said...

I can't get over just how many people have been affected by Star's death. By sheer coincidence, I was just on Shiny Shiny, looking at some stories in the archive and found this one I wrote a while back which links to you. (Maybe Star sent me the link in the first place, I can't recall how I found your site now) http://www.shinyshiny.tv/2006/01/needlelite_lit.html

Went back to your blog and there is a post about Star on it.

She was absolutely fabulous and all of us on Shiny Shiny miss her so much. The site has lost one of its best writers, and we've all lost a funny, fantastic friend.