05 December 2006

Fun With Furniture

After a five hour marathon domino move last night, 4 households have different furniture. One person is getting new furniture delivered tomorrow. Her furniture went to Person B. Person B's furniture went to Person C. Person C gave us her sofa and loveseat and gave Person B her table. Our old furniture is awaiting a new Freecycle home.

So hubby, our friend, and me (though mostly hubby and our friend) moved three sofas, one loveseat two dining tables, two coffee tables, three armchairs, and a few other odd pieces. Ugh.

We were looking forward to "new leather furniture" -- and had been told the style was "masculine" and the colour "brown." So I was thinking something like this:


... but the actual furniture is about 20 years older in style:

new (to us) furniture

That said, the pieces are sturdy, comfortable, and matched. I won't cry if kiddo smears something on them or if the cat gets a claw stuck ("no... bad cat... bad....stop."). We can seat six people really comfortably now (if one uses the chair -- actually 7 if someone sits in the video-rocker or even 8 if a child uses the little rocking chair) -- more if people get cozy. And, the two pieces only cost us the price of the rental van and the gas to fill it (about $60), plus our effort ....so, I while I was initially disappointed, I'm OK with it now.


And for those of you who keep score of this sort of thing, this marks Flotsam & Jetsam's 1000th post. Woo.

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