27 January 2010

giggles and Photoshop fun

OK, so I have to start with the fact that Apple needs to send the iPad name back to the boardroom for reconsideration. Almost immediately, the topic #iTampon leapt into the trending list on Twitter (and stayed there throughout the State of the Union Address).

I just put together the above image using a photo of Steve Jobs by James Mitchell, a source image of Kanye West that has been kicking around since the meme went viral, and my fave of the Twitter hacks courtesy @WewillroastU. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I will point you to this Squidoo list that gathers all of the jokes flying around the 'net today, along with the MadTV sketch that lampooned the name before Jobs launched it.


EDIT to round-up some of the stuff said by people who paid more attention to the hardware than its name:

From Gizmodo: 8 Things that Suck about the iPad
From Core77: The iPad, they're on to something... we're just not sure what.

And one that paid attention to the name, but not in a feminine hygiene way:

From the NYT: iPad? That's so 2002, Fujitsu says. (i.e. not only did Apple not check for stupid names, they didn't check for trademarks.)

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