12 June 2009

Multimedia Wrap-up

It's the end of the week and the end of the DHSI and I have finished a bunch of projects for the Multimedia Design for Visual, Auditory and Interactive Electronic Environments class.

You'll notice a new title image above (courtesy of the Fireworks and Blogger Templates portions of the class) and if you follow me on Facebook, you may already have heard my little Coffee on Campus podcast --  I put it up on the Internet Archive for all to hear. The only problem is that there is supposed to be an initial image of a coffee cup that doesn't come up right away and I haven't had time to fix it (and I don't have the program we used -- Garageband -- at home).

Another assignment was to design an invitation, here's the finished result (there's actually a white border around the image, too... but it disappears on this page):

But the one thing I was really excited to play around with was Flash. So after a frustrating start, I did manage to put together the world's cheeziest Flash animation, complete with dance music. I have exported it as a Quicktime movie so that I can upload it for you to watch (and share the cheeeeeze):

[EDIT: apparently, the compression or perhaps the delivery over the web, sucks so the video above is very choppy. Sigh. If you want to see the original, let me know and I will figure out a way to share it.]

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