11 June 2009

Multimedia Explorations

I am blogging from one of the Mac labs on campus and essentially being paid to do so -- I am in the midst of the week-long Digital Humanities Summer Institute and this year I am taking Multimedia: Design for Visual, Auditory and Interactive Electronic Environments. 


I had been hoping for tips on digitizing multimedia but it is much more about design: Dreamweaver, Flash, iMovie, Fireworks, Garageband and Blogger. There was some challenge for me with the "Visual Itelligence" portion -- basically art history/art appreciation 101 (something I have long avoided) and a bigger challenge in getting iMovie to work (though it turns out I was just impatient). 

For my final project I think I would like to work with Flash; it is something I haven't done before and it looks fun when it is done. If it is not complete dogfood, I will share it with you, too.

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