30 October 2008

What is it with celebrities and clowns and Halloween?

Originally uploaded by WilWheaton
Well, this is Wil Wheaton under a lot of makeup and a ratty rainbow wig. According to his blog, he wanted to go as Doctor Horrible -- this was plan B.

Doctor Horrible was, of course, played by the awesome Neil Patrick Harris who dressed as an even more psychotic clown last year.


Coffee Expert said...

Wil Wheaton? Small World - My creative buddy in L.A. - Bob Harris (currently on tour with Forbes100 online traveling the World writing about ritzy digs...) plays poker with Wil.
And he is about as normal as you or I.
No wait...


Cheryl said...

Excellent. I guess that means I know Wil through three degrees of separation! That's much better than cyberstalking him... :)