14 October 2008

Election night puns...

(collected from those in the room, I am neither claiming nor owning up to any of these though

"Looks like the Green Party campaign went off the rails!"

"Their train didn't leave the platform!"

"I threw MY vote in the recycle bin!"

[after a candidate who withdrew due to a skinny-dipping in the presence of minors incident got over 1000 votes] "Looks like the NDP got the pedophile vote out!"



Ted Godwin said...

Actually the NDP vote in that riding was possibly the result of fraud. Someone distributed a recorded phone message over the weekend urging people to vote for Mr West even though he had withdrawn from the race. Given the margin of victory of Mr. Lunn over Ms. Penn I would be very concerned.

Cheryl said...

Yeah, we discussed that issue too... but the off-colour comment was already on the table. Seriously, I dunno what went on in that riding as both Penn (LIB) and West (Withdrawn NDP) are friends and former Green members.