22 October 2008

That's a little odd....

I love Mental Floss -- it's one of my fave feeds on my Google Reader -- and one of today's pieces was some quick facts about Disney's Haunted Mansion. This one made me raise my eyebrow:

7. A Real Final Resting Place. People dump ashes in the Haunted Mansion all of the time, Which lends some real credence to those haunting stories. You can read about one such instance here. Ash dumping happens so often that Disneyland had to purchase a special HEPA vacuum that can pick up ashes, but also little tiny bone fragments that are often left behind after a cremation. If you ever hear a Haunted Mansion cast member calling for a “HEPA clean-up,” maybe you want to check out another attraction for a while and come back when the crew has tidied up a little.

I could believe one or two people doing this because it's a little odd, dark, twisted, and frankly kinda funny, but to have it happen often enough that they have a clean-up procedure? Weird. Also, maybe they should post a sign outside "No Ashes Please." Just sayin.


Ted Godwin said...

Or maybe offer a special package deal with admission to the park and a special spot to drop ashes in the ride complete with a backstage tour and a ghostly picture of your loved one "in" the ride (you provide a photo beforehand).

Cheryl said...

Geez, Ted. Way to monetize someone's grief. You're such a capitalist! :P