20 May 2010

Thanks for nothing, Google

Dear Google,

Your Kool-Aid is tasting bitter these days. If you don't want to be seen as EVIL, please bring your Blogger service up to standard.

After trying WordPress, I now understand why people questioned my staying on Blogger. One very big difference is in the ability to moderate comments and users. On WP, comments are moderated by default, but once someone is recognized by the blog owner, they can post freely ever-after. So when I, for example, pick up a nasty troll, I can simply ignore the comments. Poof! I can also block or moderate specific IP addresses, email addresses, names, words -- so much more flexible.

Seriously, Google, you are GODS in the arena of info tracking, how come you make this so difficult? Sure, there is a "report abuse" button but that is only to be used for reporting an abusive blog -- which mine is NOT. In fact, there is nothing in your terms of service that covers comments specifically and yet many people sign up for Blogger primarily to comment or follow blogs.

I have had this blog for six years and it will tear a big part of me out to abandon it for a new address but that seems like the only option you are giving me. I do not blame the troll for this; I blame you, Google, for failing to support Blogger and its users.



Mike DeWolfe said...

Google makes it very hard to cut through their "help" pages to show off how/where someone can issue a complaint about an abusive chimp/blogger (pictured here: http://poorlydressed.com/2010/05/04/fashion-fail-theres-a-reason-disco-is-dead/).
If the chimp said something provocative, then its worth sparring with it. Instead it just copies and pastes.
One solution:
- go into your blog profile
- look at your followers
- click on the chimp that is following your blog and getting updates when stuff is updated
- "Block this user"
- and voila, chimp containment. Sorry, Washo.

Cheryl said...

I can't figure out where this is -- the only place I see followers is on my blog front page and there doesn't seem to be any way to block someone from there.