13 May 2010

Another thing Those DeWolfes do

The Cramped Chef seemed like an appropriate name for a cooking show when we started it in the cramped little kitchen at the townhouse. Impossibly, it seems, the kitchen in our current house while more open, actually seems to have less room to cook* so The Cramped Chef continues to be an appropriate name for the series.

We filmed the most recent episode back in March but Hubby's computer was tasked by the challenge of editing the HD footage created by my FlipHD so the process was completed in small chunks over many weeks with a lot of breaks in between! The best part of this creation was finding that Moby has a bunch of music available just for the purpose of non-profit independent video productions so Hubby signed up and found an appropriate piece for the background. The worst part of this is seeing how clearly we need to get proper studio lighting -- or even something close.

The Spring Rolls (aka Egg Rolls) episode is now available for your edutainment (embedded below) and you can find the recipe on Hubby's blog along with other recipes and Cramped Chef videos.

Egg Rolls from Mike DeWolfe on Vimeo.

*Our current kitchen is so cramped that I don't seem to have a photo of it. How odd. It is also the big reason we want to do a reno on that corner of the house.


Star said...

That was fun ! Mike should have his own show on one of the networks. Although he couldn't say "cover your ass" then. I love the thermometer he uses. Where did you get it? I am also a big fan of jars of garlic.

Cheryl said...

The thermometer was purchased from a hardware store -- Alton Brown uses a similar model.

Cheryl said...

Oh, also, "Thanks" -- and in Canada, he could totally say "cover your ass" on network TV. I love Canadian TV. :)

Star said...

I also meant to mention that the videography was stunning!

Mike DeWolfe said...

Ah, I wish I did have my own show. If I did, I'd likely divvy up the performance, video editing, research and writing into separate roles.