12 March 2010

Kiddo is Nine Today

I can hardly believe how fast she is growing up. She had a great time at Great Wolf Lodge and even managed to feign interest when we detoured to the geek-tacular Science Fiction Museum in Seattle; she preferred the Experience Music Project upstairs in the same building.


We went out for dim sum for her birthday treat (and later we will be making nachos for dinner) and she was showered with gifts -- LEGO, a Build-a-Bear, an iPod Nano and Skullcandy headphones plus a half dozen volumes of Yotsuba and a giant bubble wand. She'll get more on Sunday from other relatives and friends at her birthday party.


Anne said...

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

What is she planning to put on her iPod?

Cheryl said...

I added about 20 songs for her today including some by Katy Perry, the Killers, New Pornographers, Crazy Frog, Party Ben and a few from various soundtracks.